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People from different walks of life shower inspirational messages for kids.

It gives me immense pleasure to know that the “Kids Today” is bringing out its anniversary issue.

The fortnightly “Kids Today” has earned recognition as one of the innovative children journals in the country. Further, it has been disseminating that very informative in a forceful manner which matters in all round development of kids.

My best wishes for successful publication of anniversary issue.

Chief Minister of Delhi

Kids Today, congratulations and best wishes to you on reaching another anniversary. It is wonderful to see a newspaper dedicated exclusively to kids. Your focus on making learning interactive and fun is very commendable indeed and I wish you and your team much creative success in the future.

To your wonderful young readers I would say : “Know that each of you is unique and special and that you are made for a specific purpose. Grow up to be a responsible citizen contributing in whatever way you can to make this world a better place”.

Remember, ‘Knowledge is power’ — so equip yourself — cultivate reading as a habit, it is the gateway to knowledge.
Once again, congratulations and best wishes, with warm Regards.

Juhi Chawla

Congratulation Kids Today on its 6th birthday. This is a good initiative to inculcate reading habit among Kids. Reading is appreciably very enlightening and gives a broader horizon and gives you all new perspective to view various things.
It’s enlightening, enriching and obviously the more we read the better human beings we become. My suggestion to kids would be “dare to dream, chase that dream with a lot of passion”. It is also important while chasing the dream one should enjoy the journey for the outcome which is just a byproduct of the efforts we put in.

Aakash Chopra
Indian Cricketer

I Wish “Kids Today” fantastic 6th Anniversary. I wish, may your coming years be as colourful and vivacious as your young readers are. This is how we want the future of our country to be colourful and intelligent.



(RJ, Red FM 93.5)


Heartiest Congratulations to Kids Today on completing six glorious years. It’s been a wonderful initiative and your guys have touched the lives of these kids in a big way. Wish you all the best.



Producer, Red FM 93.5


Wonderful 6 years! I congratulate Kids Today for its glorious 6 years and I hope, this initiative continues for many more years to come. And I am glad to say, Kids Today has brought out the real kid in me. I am living back my childhood.
Love and prayers!
Reenu Bahl
Sr. Correspondent
PEOPLE (Outlook group)



I wish my heartiest congratulation to Kids Today for completing another successful year. I appreciate the efforts done by the editorial that has made this paper very meaningful for young readers. It is rightly said that “Education is the solution of every problem” and I am happy to see that Kids Today has been imparting knowledge among young generation.
Kids are our future so I wish that every child should equip himself or herself with innovative reading, learning and knowledge which are quite possible when I look at this fortnightly paper.
Once again, congratulations and best wishes to Kids Today team.


Atul Sehgal
Mother’s Pixies Educational Society (Regd)
Dilshad Garden, New Delhi-110095
(President & Principal—A Block Branch)

Best wishes to Kids Today.

Dear children, there was a time I used to read magazines meant for children when I was of your age. Now the clock cannot be turned back. So make the most of it. Enjoy your childhood. It will never back. Enjoy and learn from good resources like Kids Today.
Dr. Asad Ahmad
Asso. Professor
Deptt. of History
SGTB Khalsa College, Delhi

A few years ago, newspapers were considered to be an adult material. But in the last few years, the society has felt the need of newspapers in the lives of 21st century children, who are growing up in fast changing and interesting world..

Thanks to you, the children of DPS Agra,  get to read a newspaper, which is interesting, age appropriate and full of knowledge. It has information about all the subjects and its content is relevant to their lives.

It is helping to develop the language and critical thinking of the students. It is also stimulating their interest in current events, supporting the development of civic understanding and stimulating independent reading.

KIDS TODAY is a good resource of reinforcement and enrichment of the content taught in every subject

The real world connection supported by the use of newspapers helps the students to understand the importance of the information that they are learning.

Thanks once again for providing such a wonderful resource to our students.

Yours truly,

Nidhi Singh

(Jr. Wing Incharge)


I express my satisfaction to note that ‘Kids Today’ is engaged continuously in creating awareness and encouraging kids to move further step ahead through  various inspiring stories, articles by kids and contests publishing in your paper.

I convey my best wishes to the entire team of ‘Kids Today’ for its success.

Dr. Satvir Sharma


Vidya Bal Bhawan Sr. Sec. School

Kondli Gharoli Road

Mayur Vihar-III Delhi-96

It gives me immense pleasure to know that Kids Today, a fortnightly activity oriented paper for kids, enters a new phase with more interesting and interactive educational skills.

I appreciate the efforts done so far and can see that this paper is reasonably useful for overall development of the tiny tots. It is rightly said that “a drop of ink may make a million think”.

To readers I would say that “only three things are necessary to make life happy—the blessing of God, books and a friend”. So kids always remember the God, read good stuff and become a good human being to achieve maximum in your life.

I congratulate Kids Today and Team to bring out such a beautiful and meaningful fortnightly paper for kids.

Ranji Sehgal

Mother’s Pixies Educational Society (Regd)

Dilshad Garden, New Delhi-110095

(Gen. Secretary & Principal—SG Pocket Branch)

I congratulate Kids Today for completing five years. Kids are our present and future and Kids Today is helping to nurture them. In this digital age Kids Today is a unique initiative which inculcates a habit of reading in children during their formative years, which becomes an essetial stepping stone for them. I hope Kids Today continues this contribution to the society for many years to come. Here’s wishing Kids Today many more anniversaries.

Dr. Asha Mehta
Associate Professor
SGTB Khalsa College
Delhi University

Dear Kids,

Congratulations to all of you that the Kids Today has completed its successful six years journey. This newspaper is indeed a worth source of knowledge. This generally opens the partial minds of kids and helps them to analyze things in the best way. My best wishes are with you and Kids Today. Keep on doing well.

Pradumna Chaturvedi

Manager—Gayatri Public School, Agra (U.P.)

I am happy to note that Kids Today is celebrating its sixth birthday. I pray and hope the newspaper will continue to enjoy the large readership. All the best for its bright future is all that I pray for you. Once again I wish you a bright future.


PRINCIPAL—Delhi Public School, Rajnagar (Ghaziabad)



I would like to place on records my deep appreciation for carrying out stupendous task in the field of print media over a small period of Six Year “KIDS TODAY” has carved a niche for itself mainly due to its thought provoking and interesting child centered articles, For this to happen it is essential that learning is hands on and is connected with the learners real life.

I am sanguine that it will continue with its hard work in future also to make an interesting reading for children of all age group.

I wish you and your team a great success in Future.

Ms. Poonam Jha


G.D. Goenka, Jammu

My dear Sons & Daughters who read Kids Today.

I am thankful to God that he made me a teacher, thereby giving me the golden chance of being with youngsters, sharing with them innocent joys and sorrow and guiding them to the best of my ‘involved ability’. Also I take great pleasure in sharing with you the joyful moment of KIDS TODAY heading towards the publication of its Anniversary issue. Congratulations to the KIDS TODAY family and to each one of you on this delightful feat of your favourite magazine, which has given all of you a lot of joy and learning, i.e. edutainment.

To each one of you, I have the following message reaching you through Kids Today : “Never stay in your comfort zone for long. Get out of it sooner than later. Believe that not much happens, I’ve heard people ask, ‘Am I secure here? Is there full job security here?’ Make yourself, prove yourself and asset to your family and organization, you shall automatically feel permanently secure!!

God Bless! Happy Reading!

Amber Banerjee


Delhi Public School, Agra

Happy Anniversary Kids Today,

You have grown six years old now. Thank you for being instrumental in discovering the new joys of learning through quizzes, mind boggles, puzzles, etc. You have inspired the kids to develop their creativity and have awarded them with gifts every now and then.

“May you grow by leaps and bounds,

Discover new vistas and horizons

May you always be kids’ companion

And be a source of creation and inspiration.”

Is all that I pray for you. Once again I wish you a bright future. With best wishes.


Fr. Oswald Madtha


St. Conard’s Inter College

Agra, U.P.

I just want to congratulate the team of “Kids Today”. Actually it is a matter of immense pride to be associated with the 6th year of Kids Today. With the medium of this paper I want to say to every child just believe in yourself and the ability you have you will surely attain the success.

Amarjeet Kaur


Guru Nanak Public School, Delhi

Life is all about choices. When you cut away all the junk every situation is a choice. You choose how you react to situations. You choose how people will affect your mood.  You choose to be in a good mood or bad mood. It’s your choice how you live your life.

Take into account that great love and great achievement involve great risk. When you lose, don’t lose the lesson. Follow the three R’s of good karma:

—Respect for self

—Respect for others and

—Responsibilities for all your actions.

Remember that the best relationship is one in which you love for each other exceeds your need for each other.

Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.

 Onika Mehrotra

(Vice Principal)

Kalka Public School, Delhi

Kids Today makes an interesting reading for its variety of content coverage, multi-level communication strategy, rich colour, and compact presentation. In a short period of time Kids Today has made a mark in print communication format as it meets the new learners growing level of appetite for appropriate and useful knowledge and promotes interaction among kids, between parent and kids and teachers and kids. I congratulate the team of KIDS TODAY for helping kids, parents and teachers in generating a revival of interest in print communication lead learning and wish them a sustained relationship on the occasion of their anniversary.


Dr. Jaiprakash Dubey

Associate Professor

Department of Adult Continuing Education and Extension

University of Delhi

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