Happy New Year, 2013

Posted on Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

First of all we wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year. We are really thankful to you because it is with your support and blessings we came this long way. It is such that with each passing year our bonds become strong and with full of surprises. We really feel happy when we get your responses over the year as this keeps us motivating and this also helps us to know you well.

Generally we have a perception of the phrase – “Unlucky 13″, but we all know that it is our deeds that will ultimately make us lucky or unlucky. So, we all should keep in mind and make this year memorable and cherishable not only for us but also for others.

The year 2012 saw many achievements. As we turn the pages we see that:

  • Indians have done well in Olympics
  • We have also turned 2012 into a “polio free” year
  • Scientists have also placed a spacecraft in Mars’ orbit
  • ISRO completed its 100 missions and many more.

Though the rates of achievements are overwhelming, there were incidents which made us all unhappy or we can say depressed. Whatever may be the incidents and whatever may be its causes, we should know that the victim as well as the culprit both belonged to the same society. It is a culprit’s deed which always turns an individual into a prey.

It depends upon us which path we take and it is always fruitful to walk in the path of mankind. We should always help others and respect our parents and elders. We should be polite and we should acclimatize ourselves so that we can fit in any situation and come out as winners by helping the society.

Obviously, January in every year is a moment of happiness and also it is the time when the alarm bell rings signifying that final exams are near. Kids should enjoy but should also keep in mind that they have to tighten their belts and prepare well for the upcoming exams.

So once again, we all from Kids Today team wish you a very Happy New Year and also to our young learners best of luck for your preparations.

Be Careful – Foggy days are coming!!!

Posted on Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

It generally happens around December when we rise in the morning and look out from the window we miss our neighbor’s house or sometimes the nearby tree. The scene at once becomes like an imaginative picture where clouds are around us and we can feel them. The winter lovers come out in open and greet these ground clouds also known as ‘Fogs’.

Scientifically fog is a collection of water droplets (sometime ice crystals) which are present in the air and near the surface of the earth. From a child’s point of view fog is the cloud which comes down from sky thereby turning a kid’s dream into reality.

Foggy weather is like an assured gift with the winter vacation (in schools) and kids make the most use of it. Elders are busy with their material routine failing to remember that these clouds were their friends once upon a time.

Obviously, to enjoy this weather condition one should be prepared like wearing warm clothes, caps, shoes with socks, etc. These shields enhance the longevity of the foggy celebrations.

One of the negative pictures which comes into mind after hearing ‘fog’ is mainly road accidents. Whatever may be the reason the result is always a loss. We can always prevent these accidents by following the given points which are like messages to car drivers.

1. Turning on fog lamps

Switching on headlights and turning on fog lights if visibility is reduced. Fog lamps are very bright hence if we can see the vehicles behind us then it’s likely they can also see us. In this case our fog lights will dazzle other drivers so we should turn them off.

2. Awareness of wet weather

Fog can also bring rain and slippery roads so we should turn on windscreen wipers and use the de-mister if needed.

3. We Should Avoid Distractions

We should really need to keep an eye on the road and use our ears more carefully to judge traffic that we cannot see. So we should turn off loud music and should not eat, drink or use our mobile while driving.

4. Watch our speed

We should keep speed to a safe limit and also be aware of traffic around us. We shouldn’t speed up as soon as visibility returns – in patchy fog, it could only be a few metres before we are ‘blind’ again and could ram into a hidden vehicle.

Winter is beautiful season and foggy weather is one of its branch which we should all enjoy but carefully.

The Grasp of Winter ( Useful Tips for Winters)

Posted on Monday, December 3rd, 2012

As soon as we are done with our crackers in Diwali, the winter season knocks our door and we with our open heart welcome the wintertide. This phenomenon occur because we all know that there are 6 seasons (Ritu) in India and one occurs after the other. Diwali generally takes place in autumn.

Following is the order of seasons in India– Spring (Vasant), Summer (Grishma), Monsoon (Varsha), Autumn (Sharat), Winter (Hemant) and Winter Fall (Shishir).

We all including kids enjoy this period. But we should keep in mind that enjoyment comes only after precautions are taken otherwise it turns bitter. Not only we should keep ourselves fit externally but also internally we should be fine so that we can make the winter holidays count. Below are few points that we should keep in mind to procure more benefits out of this season.

1. We should use sleepers/chappals while we are at home

2. We should wear socks with shoes or sneakers.

3. Use of winter garments i.e. jackets, mufflers, sweaters, etc.

4. We should apply moisturizers, lotions, oils etc. to prevent our skin from drying.

5. We should not go out at night without covering the head.

6. We should take soups as supper and incorporate in it essential vegetables.

7. In winters, we should take food which increases the body heat (balanced diet).

8. We should take seasonal vegetables and fruits to build immunity.

9. We should avoid food which are difficult to digest as in winters generally our metabolism slows down.

We should remember that winter season is the time for many occasions. It generally starts with the marriage functions then arrives the special Christmas week following the year ending bash.

This is the time when we generally spend time with our family visiting places, going for picnics etc. If during this period we fall out we miss these golden days. Hence we should take the winter in our control before the winters grasps us.

World Book Fair, 2012

Posted on Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

The New Delhi World Book Fair is India’s oldest and very popular book fair. Started in 1972, this biennial event takes place alternatively every year in February. It is organized by the National Book Trust, India (NBT). It has a more economic side, supporting also the growing global publishing industry.
India is one of the biggest markets for English publications and is believed to have 12,000 publishers and around 90,000 titles a year in more than 18 languages. Apart from English, Indian publishers also focus on Indian languages. The 20th New Delhi World Book Fair 2012 will be held in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, from 25th February to 4th March 2012. The timings for visitors are 11.00 am to 8.00 pm.
So, kids get ready along with your elders to meet your favourite ‘Kids Today’ there at the book fair. You can find ‘Kids Today’ at the stall of Vikas Books Limited, in hall number 14 and stall number 64 to 69. Along with ‘Kids Today’, there will also be other products of Vikas Books Ltd.

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